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Vauxhall Business Sales

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A leader in fleet and company car solutions.  Vauxhall offers a reliable range of vehicles with everything the busy executive and commercial traveller requires. T Wall Vauxhall is here to help you explore Vauxhall's selection and choose one or a number of vehicles to help you meet your business objective.

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Great fuel economy. Brilliant technology. Low taxation and running costs. All key features in our wide range of award-winning business vehicles.

T Wall Vauxhall has a dedicated expert for one-to-one advice on small fleets of between 1 and 24 vehicles, and those of 25 and more. We understand business, and know that purchasing company cars is a significant financial investment for all firms. They will take into account your company's budget and circumstances, as well as the nature of your business, before suggesting an appropriate choice of vehicles and financial arrangements.

Our flexible finance packages offer a choice of funding options adjustable to your individual needs, allowing you to spread your outgoings over a defined period of time to benefit your cash-flow forecasting. Contract Hire is one popular solution, with the advantages of no purchase commitment or major capital outlay. Purchasing a vehicle or vehicles, on the other hand, means no mileage limitations and capital that can be released at any time. Finance Lease on commercial vehicles is another notable option, as it allows you to decide the size of your payments. Generous offers are available on a number of company cars and vans, enabling your business to save even more money.

Our services extend beyond vehicle supply, as our Aftersales team is available to support you whenever you need us. No matter what size your fleet, we will develop a servicing and warranty package that eases the burden of administration and keeps you in budget. Routine servicing and accident repairs can all be covered so you're never hit with unexpected costs, with monthly payments available for easier budgeting.

Contact our business and company car advisors for more information and to arrange a time to discuss your needs. You can submit an online form, call us directly, chat online or visit our dealership in person, we'll be happy to help.

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Company Car Drivers

Vauxhall is the first choice for many company car drivers who require reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as a host of additional benefits.

At T Wall Vauxhall, we know that reducing expenditure is extremely important when it comes to selecting the right vehicle for executive travel, so our knowledgeable staff do their best to ensure that customers know where they can save money. Our business and company car specialists will calculate Benefit-in-Kind and running costs, comparing them to other models and manufacturers, so you can make a more informed decision. We will highlight models with low CO2 emissions that qualify for lower or zero road tax, and estimate your annual fuel costs, permitting you to budget for the future effectively.

Vauxhall offers a free three-day test drive programme, which is available to all fleet operators and company car drivers at T Wall Vauxhall. You have the opportunity to experience the carmaker's selection of models during your everyday routine, and all you pay is the cost of fuel.

Our dedicated business expert helps many small and large businesses meet their company car and business goals, providing a fully tailored service throughout the process. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we'll advise on the next steps to take.

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